Qatar Lusail Boulevard Tram

Lusail Tram project in Lusail, Qatar, was under development. Lusail is a planned city located just north of Doha, and it is expected to host various facilities, including the Lusail Iconic Stadium for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The Lusail Tram is part of the city's public transportation infrastructure plan to support sustainable mobility within the area.

Key points about the Lusail Tram project:

Development: The Lusail Tram is designed to be a modern tram system providing efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation within Lusail.

Connectivity: The tram system is expected to connect key areas within Lusail, including residential, commercial, and entertainment districts, enhancing connectivity for residents and visitors.

Integration with Lusail Metro: The Lusail Tram is planned to complement the Lusail Metro, providing an integrated public transportation network for the city.

Sustainable Transportation: Like many modern urban transportation projects, the Lusail Tram is expected to prioritize sustainability, aiming to reduce traffic congestion and promote eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Future Development: Plans for the Lusail Tram and other transportation infrastructure in Lusail are subject to change and development based on the city's evolving needs and priorities.

Lusail City Development Company, the Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail), or other relevant authorities overseeing the project. News updates and local announcements may also provide insights into the progress of the Lusail Tram.


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