Volvo P1800 from 1972 on auction

161018092-1_mn                                                                                  Fantastic Volvo P1800 was produced in 1972 will be sold at auction in December, and it is expected that the new owner to allocate it between 34,000 and 41,500 dollars. Production of the P1800 started in 1961 and lasted almost 12 years. This model has laid the foundation for future car design at Volvo, so there will be a miracle if the car is sold at a high price.   161018092-2_mn                                                             The auction will be held in December in London, and there will be sold to a yellow car with chrome trim and black wheels with silver accents. Chassis number is 184352, and the car came down the assembly line before the end of production of this model. Sold to a customer in Great Britain, where he is registered. 161018092-3_mn                                                                                       The car driven by an original four-cylinder B20E engine which in 1970 replaced the weaker four-cylinder B18 engine. When he was a new, more powerful engine is delivering 130 HP, and the car from 0 to 100 km / h acceleration in 9.5 seconds before it reached a top speed of 189 km / h. 161018092-4_mn                                                                                          During the twelve-year production Volvo has produced nearly 48,000 of these cars.

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